My Nexus Phone Concept.

So taking a bus to New York City and back was not the best idea.. but I did come up with a little phone concept while stuck inside that giant metal torture chamber people call a bus.



When I got home I decided to post it onto my Google Plus page to see if anyone would look at it and maybe give some feedback. Sure enough people saw it and I was surprised to find out a few days later that it made its rounds on the internet. It was posted on a few phone sites, blogs, and news sites.. phone news must have been really lacking or something. It was nice though to see my design get thrown around and it got a lot of good feedback and also some not so good. So here is a post explaining my concept to clear some confusion about my design.

I already knew that the final Nexus 5 design has already been shown and no where in my pictures suggests that this is a Nexus 5 concept.. just a Nexus "phone" concept.


The dimensions of the phone are actually pretty close to that of the Nexus 4 dimensions, maybe just a bit shorter. So no not really a "phablet" or "Note" worthy. haha.


The back is what confused people the most because there are no flash or speakers to be found. Those who thought that the white ring around the camera was the flash were dead on. This was a decision made to keep the back very minimal and also inspired by a ring flash used for macro photography. I'm not sure about the problems that might have for regular photography but I thought it was a different approach and haven't seen it on any other phone concepts. Also the speaker is located at the bottom. The Two dots on the back can be what ever you want them to be.. light sensors, a flash, or speakers.. maybe even an infrared light for night vision?

The colour choices were added after my original matte black design. They are actually the Google logo colours and are replaceable backs as I intended for the back of the device to be removable.


So that is my Nexus phone design, hope its a bit more clear now.